Thursday, November 29, 2007

practice and more

I recieved my copy of the WorldRugbyShop catalog today and I noticed some sales that are going on right now. The Adidas Torpedo X-Ebition is on sale for 11.99. Thats way cheap, and the purchase of a ball is invaluable to your rugby improvement. I have personally used the Torpedo before and its a good ball. To see the X-Ebition, click here. Also, the next best pice is the CCC Armourflite WRS which is 14.99. Also, very cheap. I have never used the Armourflite before, but I know that CCC is one of the top brands of rugby equipment. To see that one, click here.  ALL RUGBY BALLS SHOULD BE ORDERED IN A SIZE 5. These sales dont last forever...
Next thing is practices. We have missed many of you at practice. Just a reminder, brought to my attention because of the weekend with all of the rain, we play in all weather. I recall last year that my first practice was in the snow... So come on down to practice in the elements. I believe about 80% of our games last year were raining, so its best to train in the same conditions as you will perfom.
Practice: SATURDAY DEC 1, 2007
Regrettably, I will be out of town in Arizona for this one, but I will see all of you the following weekend. Thank you for your time!

P.S. All of these E-mails, as well as pictures(soon) and practice reports are posted at for your viewing.
*~_Robert Bryant Boyer_~*

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Thursday, November 8, 2007

First Practice!!

So, our first practice was last Saturday (Nov 3, 2007) and it was incredible. We had exactly 15 players show up, which is upped from the six at last year's first day of practice, and so we played around a little bit. Everybody was curious about a lineout, scrum, and I think we may have crammed too much information into everyone's brains! We had some really promising new kids come out for the team, so shout outs to Eric, John, Mikhail, DJ, Connor, and Zach. Props to John and Connor for playing wing and scoring in the corners. That is how we usually score in games: The big forwards push up slowly but surely, then we spin the ball down the line and beat them into the corner with the wing. Zach, props for the interception that resulted in a try! You have wheels man! Mikhail, I beat you on the game with passing the rugby balls the first few times around, but I noticed you were still in there after all the other newbs were out. DJ, what can I say? After so much strife between the two of us, my respect is restored. You have an awesome spin in your pass (which nobody should try to do unless they can pass it regularly already) and I think you will be a threat for our team if you can end up playing!

Our next practice is in two days (Sat Nov 10) at 11:00 AM. Make sure you all come, because the more you miss the further behind you are in learning the game! It is easier to learn the game if you are the only one who doesn't know how, so you can always join the team. Rugby is so awesome, you are all missing out if you don't show up!!

SAT NOV 10, 2007
11:00 AM
19 & UNDER

P.S. anyone looking to purchase a rugby ball, we use size 5 standard. You can probably only purchase one online because of the lack of stores in the greater Tacoma area. They are relatively inexpensive. You can go to or to order one. See you on the field!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Beginning the 2007-2008 season

After last year's miracle, I have been anxiously, sometimes having withdrawals, waiting for the season to being again. It was lucky for me that the Rugby World Cup was going on this year, and I was able to satisfy some of my craving by watching the professionals perform. South Africa won the title, which was amazing, over the defending champions England. USA came in dead last with no victories in the tournament.
I decided to start the season two months early. All of the teammates agree: its time to play again. The practices will begin the first week of November at Goodman middle school. Dates and times are still up in the air.
It is open to join. Nobody will be told they can't play. Everyone is welcome. All you need is some shorts, cleats without the front toe cleat, and a mouthgaurd. The rest is found through practice. I hope this year is as good as the last!

Last Season's Miracle

It was early January, when the snow was still beleaguering the spring soil. I was tutoring an acquaintance in the art of advanced algebra when I received an intriguing phone call. A co-worker of mine was wondering if I would be interested in joining a newly founded Gig Harbor City Rugby Team. Knowing little about rugby, but being naturally athletic, I thought I would try it out. I vividly remember my first practice. Frost encrusted the field, and the ball appeared as a bloated football, round on the ends. The coach stepped up, and I introduced myself. He then began to tell of his New Zealand origins, speaking in the accent of Crocodile Dundee, and his passion for rugby. This was the first time that anyone on the field had ever even seen a rugby ball before. The sport seemed as foreign as the man addressing us did. We were each given our positions, and the learning began. I was placed in the role of Scrum Half, or quarterback. I was overjoyed to be placed in such an important role, but I did not realize then that it was due to my small stature.
The season started slow, as the rules of the game were very complicated, and the ground was still frozen. As the temperature rose through the month, our understanding and love for the game did as well. Soon, we were running formations as if we were an experienced program full of veterans. Our season began against a well-established program from Budd Bay. The game was merely an exhibition to allow us to play a fast-paced game before our season began. Despite losing by several touchdowns, we thoroughly enjoyed it. Our coaches had other plans, and our practices grew in intensity as we set our sights upon the ever-elusive victory. The day arrived for our first game, and our opponent was Budd Bay.
We began strong, and we were winning by half time. It was like a dream come true. The second half started, and they attacked with the ferociousness of a veteran team being beaten by rookies. They caught up, and we found ourselves outmatched by their experience and size, and did all we could to cling to our small lead. The game ended with a sudden breakthrough run by their wing. Dodging and weaving, he sidestepped tackler after tackler. It seemed as though with this last play he would score and secure a victory for the veteran Budd Bay squad. Not about to allow this to happen, my older brother and I sprinted across the field and crushed him into the out-of-bounds two feet from the goal line. The referee blew the game-ending whistle and we found ourselves beginning the season with an undefeated record.
The celebrating was soon forgotten as we ran laps to our coach’s desire. He told us that in order to do something truly great, we would have to consume ourselves in it. We would have to forget about all else, and be a rugby player every second of every day. Many of us decided to run in the mornings to increase our endurance. Due to the early morning church class that some of us attended daily, which began at 6:00 AM, we had to begin our runs at 4:00 AM. The team became our lives, and it was all that gave us happiness or sadness. Nothing else mattered. The season continued, and our extra work was paying off. We began to demolish our opponents, and turned our sight towards the state championship. After finishing the season with a state best record, the team began making plans to attend the championships. As our coaches explained the particulars of the tournament, he mentioned that the day was a Sunday. I had never before been faced with such a conflict. I had been raised to not play sports on sundays and regard them as holy days, yet the entire team depended on me as I played an important position, and was an anchor.
As much as I have tried, I have never made it to state on the wrestling team, and the desire to compete on such a high level of sportsmanship has always been a dear wish in my heart. I arrived at practice forty-five minutes early to think over my problem, and I began to run. Running always cleared my mind and allowed such complicated matters to be made clear. I was soon joined by a few teammates who had been there for me throughout the entire season and had become my brothers. I knew they would support me in my decision. I approached the coach at the beginning of practice and told him of my decision to remain in Gig Harbor and to attend church while they journeyed to Olympia for the championship. My decision was also mirrored by a fellow church mate and teammate. Our decision was despised by a few members of the team, who took the opportunity to pester me every moment they saw me, speaking down to me about responsibility and selfishness. I stayed strong in my decision.
My team experienced a miracle that day as they headed to Olympia to compete for the State Title in a game that they hadn't heard of five months earlier: They won the state championship without two of their starting players. Furthermore, they were invited to the All-Northwest Championships, which were held on a Saturday. I got my wish to play on a high-level of sportsmanship, and my joy overflowed as I stood holding that first place trophy at the end of the game. Not only had we won it all, we demolished the Oregon State Champions, the Volunteers, who were all twice as big as our biggest man. Sometimes its the size of the fight in the dog, not the dog in the fight.